Intelligent Industry is an innovative ecosystem connecting leading Finnish equipment manufacturers and providers of digital solutions to drive and to realize the immense opportunities of the emerging new era of Intelligent Industry.

Closing the circle

If digitalization is defined by transforming physical facts and functions into digital format, Intelligent Industry Ecosystem focuses on refining this digital data into functional, physical products and services. Turning data into physical reality completes the circle. It fulfills the transformation of the manufacturing industry into the Intelligent Industry. And opens the flood gates for the seamless utilization of better, more effective, customized products and services.

Bringing humans into the core

The intelligent industry is not about being smart and connected, but about seamless solutions adapting to customer needs and giving the right options at the right time. The Intelligent Industry vision of the world is one where people, products, appliances and services, production systems and communities are seamlessly connected forming intelligent environments meeting people with their individual needs anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent Industry offers new opportunities to sense customer expectations and to drive value transforming how companies serve customers and fulfill human needs. Through Intelligent Industry companies can gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, optimize the overall value system, make automated decisions, and take actions in real time. As a result, companies can achieve new levels of performance, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and create new revenue opportunities. The change will also improve the allocation of human potential.  Through Intelligent Industry our capabilities grow exponentially, our opportunities abound and our time is freed for more productive endeavors than the mindless routines that once enslaved it.

Taking the driver’s seat

Finland is a market long known for its prowess in design and manufacturing. Pride in engineering combined with an exceptional willingness to transparently share knowledge and experience in order to develop cumulative expertise has proven a capable competitive edge for a small country.

Intelligent Industry Ecosystem with global pioneers is taking the driver’s seat in implementing and innovating data driven business. And we, as leaders in our prospective fields, are here to make sure the advance has only just begun.