Intelligent Industry is an innovative ecosystem focusing on value co-creation and connecting leading Finnish equipment manufacturers and digital solutions providers to drive and realize the immense opportunities in the industrial data economy and digital transformation. 

Digitalization and the digital revolution are currently shaping the value chains of industrial companies. They will become company wise shorter, but more integrated with other players in the value chain. 

Value creation in tomorrow’s world will take place in ecosystems, to drive new ways of finding significant competitive edge. Effective networked collaboration can result in an overwhelming ecosystem, whose competitive advantage is extremely difficult to copy from outside. 

The Intelligent Industry vision of the world is one where people, products, appliances and services, production systems and communities are seamlessly connected forming intelligent environments meeting people with their individual needs anytime and anywhere.


Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is taking the driver’s seat in implementing and innovating data driven business. And we, as leaders in our prospective fields, are here to make sure the advance has only just begun.

Intelligent Industry ecosystem is not boosting only the renewal of its core partners, but also the surrounding SME network. SME companies participate in the Intelligent Industry R&D&I programs either via subcontracting or as direct partners

Intelligent Industry high-level roadmap:


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By becoming Partner to Intelligent Industry ecosystem, you can take part to this journey, by bringing your ideas and knowledge to use of others and at the same time receive new information from other members. By working together, we accelerate our journey of our industry and your own company!

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