Intelligent Industry – Turning digital into practical

Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is leading the way towards a new era of networked, information driven and autonomous value systems that flexibly adapt to changing operating environments and user needs. 

Intelligent Industry Ecosystem aims to unleash a new era of intelligent industry through following collaborative core activities, in connection with our thematic focus areas: 

Ecosystem thematic focus areas in more detail: 


The growing volume of data forms the basis of the intelligence industry. However, the industry level of intelligence is achieved only if data is shared and utilized across organizations. At the moment only a fraction of the value of data has been captured. Novel solutions facilitating exchange, connection, analysis and utilization of data between organizations are needed to unlock the value of data and to enhance development of integrated ecosystems. 


Intelligent Industry will shift the basis of competition from individual products and services towards value networks built around customer needs. In the era of intelligent industry value networks are built around customer needs and competitiveness is based on the power of ecosystems and ability to harvest the resources of ecosystems to deliver customized solutions. Such value co-creation requires novel ways to create value as well as new business and revenue sharing models. 


Smart, connected machinery is at the center of the transition into the intelligent industry era and will lead the way in building networks of companies and actors capable of realizing the necessary process. Autonomous systems integrating computational and physical resources are at the center of the transition into the intelligent industry. Future systems will continue to improve in terms of adaptability, autonomy, functionality, reliability, safety and usability.  


In the intelligent industry human collaboration will be combined with smart machines and artificial intelligence affecting the content of the future work and competences required. Companies need to harness the technology to improve worker productivity, safety and working conditions by automating tasks that machines and systems can do at lower costs and higher quality levels and by amplifying and augmenting distinctive human strengths. This co-creation performed by humans and machines will transform and enrich society and industries.