Our ecosystem’s co-creation activities vary from large scale R&D&I programs to agile pilots executed inside our programs, from competence development to standardisation & regulation activities as well industry promotion and knowledge sharing.
In order to achieve the ambitious targets of our roadmap, our ecosystem aims to establish 1-2 new RD&I programs per year and establishing new services to support growth of industrial companies.
Examples of activities established via our Intelligent Industry ecosystem:

InDEx – Industrial Data Excellence -program

The vision of the InDEx-program is to unlock the value of data as an enabler for the next industrial revolution centered around artificial intelligence in the Finnish manufacturing industry.
Currently only a fraction of the value of data has been captured in manufacturing sector and for this reason InDEx (Industrial Data Excellence) aims to build a data community and Common Data Space for industry in Finland. This requires effective data sharing, including adequate analytics, between the value network partners.

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Machine Learning Academy -competence development service

Machine Learning Academy is aimed for professionals working in the industry. Machine Learning Academy includes diverse learning modules from ML algorithms to ethics, and from designing and managing artificial intelligence (AI) projects to implementing AI in the company business. The goal of the training is to increase the participants’ understanding of how to utilize AI and machine learning in their company.

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Business Model Academy –competence development service

Business Model Academy (BMA) helps companies identify and deploy data-driven business models. BMA helps business leaders adopt systematic approach for creating and implementing profit-generating ideas that leverage existing products and solutions, markets, customer relationships, and infrastructure.

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Industrial data economy for Finland position paper

The Intelligent Industry ecosystems published Industrial data economy for Finland position paper to raise understanding and awareness, what is required for Finnish industrial companies to take advantage of new business opportunities brought by the data economy.
Finland’s industrial data-sharing economy requires several simultaneous actions at national level. The barriers to using data need to be reduced. A key challenge now is how to get companies to work together to achieve a common, greater goal.

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Apathy Against the Machine -project

Intelligent Industry ecosystem took on solving the problem facing mechanical engineering field.
Project challenge: How to make mechanical engineering attractive again?
Even though the Finnish companies in the field are modern, driving & investing to digitalization and companies offer exciting opportunities to work with for variety of skill profiles, the companies are not attracting new talents as they used to. We wanted to hear millennials to understand why mechanical engineering is lacking interest among the new generation of students.
Project was executed as student innovation challenges with university students and Demola.

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Model terms of the Technology industries for data sharing -project by Technology industries of Finland

Intelligent Industry ecosystem was involved in Technology industries of Finland’s led project to develop Model terms of the Technology industries for data sharing in Finland. Ecosystem’s partner companies gave contribution to this project by sharing their view and knowledge to Technology industries of Finland, who published first open model terms to Finnish industry.

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International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) -network

Membership of International Data Spaces Association, enables our ecosystem partners to be part of work that drives global standard, that secures the exchange of data according to the exceptionally high security and privacy requirements that European participants demand. Intelligent Industry ecosystem uses IDA technology in our InDEx -program.

Picture source: IDSA

GAIA-X: European data infrastructure project

Intelligent Industry is taking part to Finnish GAIA-X Hub work, which is coordinated by Sitra. Intelligent Industry has active role in the industrial data space work to bringing Finnish manufacturing agenda into this work. Finnish GAIA-X industrial data space work is lead by Aalto University.
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Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) -network

Membership in Industrial Internet Consortium, provides us path to receive and sharing knowledge about latest technology topics, which can be then used in our ecosystem activities. Our latest knowledge sharing activity was publication of our “Bridging the Artificial Intelligence Skills Gap in the Machine Manufacturing Industry” – article.

Manufuture -network

National contact point and representative of MANUFUTURE European Technology Platform in Finland. MANUFUTURE is a European Technology Platform (ETP) and was established in 2003 as “an industry-led stakeholder forum recognized by the European Commission as a key actor in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness”. The mission of MANUFUTURE is to propose, develop and implement a strategy based on Research and Innovation, capable of speeding up in manufacturing industry the rate of industrial transformation to high-value-added-value products, processes and services, securing high-skills employment and winning a major share of world Manufacturing output in the future knowledge-driven economy.

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Finnish Industrial Internet Forum (FIIF) – network

Intelligent Industry ecosystem and FIIF have deepened their co-operation. FIIF and II share several common topics on their agendas, like AI/ML and sharing of industrial data, and they have already been co-operating on practical level. Intelligent Industry ecosystem & FIIF partners can gain a lot from this co-operation. Co-operation connects Industrial companies and solution providers.

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