Intelligent Industry Partner videos:

The Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is here to harvest the benefits of intelligent industry. Our aim is to turn digital into practical. To look past the buzz and to better understand the change that is subverting different fields of expertise, the Intelligent Industry Ecosystem video series clarifies what “Intelligent Industry” really means and what it can do for business in manufacturing sector.

Part 4. HT Laser and Elekmerk

What does “Intelligent Industry” mean for our SME partners HT Laser and Elekmerk?



Part 3. Fastems

What does “Intelligent Industry” mean for factory automation? Take a look at how Fastems pushes the limits, explores the unknown and finds the new pathways from discreet to a connected world.



Part 2. Konecranes

What does “Intelligent Industry” mean for lifting business? Take a look at where Konecranes is heading with data and digitalization.



Part 1. SSAB

What does “Intelligent Industry” mean for the steel industry? Take a look at how SSAB’s SmartSteel is making data and instructions available relating to any steel item wherever that item is processed. Each link in the production chain can then utilize and add to this data. This improves the efficiency of SSAB’s customers’ product processes and supply chain management as well as creating a basis for a circular and a platform economy.